property condition assessment reports




Property Condition Assessments are a fundamental method of understanding the condition of any given property prior to purchase. Most prominent PCA providers understand that their advice is crucial. In fact, their advice may greatly impact the purchase of real estate throughout the united states. Most Property condition assessments utilize the expertise of multiple professional experts to provide a snapshot in time if you will, of a given property.

One of the providers or experts in this list of professionals are thermographers. Although thermographers don’t possess a PhD in building science… they do, however, understand how to read infrared imagery which in some cases, can detect serious flaws in a building.

The Use of Thermography in Property Condition Assessments

Like many professionals, thermographers provide a great service to the client when it comes to early detection. For the most part, the thermography itself can detect water, for example, hidden within some substrates. Furthermore, it’s this trapped water which in time, can contribute to countless thousands of dollars in repair. Not to mention, the ability to foresee this damage and repair it before it becomes more serious. In addition to providing early detection, the thermography can also provide real-time investigative analysis. For instance, the use of an infrared camera is greatly necessary for water intrusion testing.

Professional Infrared Thermographers

The need for a professional infrared thermographer for Property Condition Assessments is fundamental in a purchase. Normally, it’s the unseen issues that cause such grief in a buyer’s investment. Moreover, the thermographer you choose understands this and works with the client to provide information to help a buyer with that purchase. Not all thermographers are the same, however. In fact, there are very few thermographers in the United States who specialize in Property Condition Assessment infrared Thermography inspections.

You may find it interesting to know that there are three levels of thermography.

  • We have level 1
  • There is level 2
  • And finally, level 3

Of course, with the different levels comes differing opinion as to the qualifications of these various levels of certification. Buyers of real estate who wish to use a Property Condition Assessment professionals are suggested to choose a thermographer who is at least level III. This way, you can rest assured that the guy you choose understands building science and how water can affect the integrity of the building.