Thermography for Property Condition Assessments


ASTM E2018-15 Property Condition Thermography Assessments

As we perform thermal, infrared scans of buildings going through Property condition assessments or Facility Condition Assessments. As an independent testing agency, we perform no repairs. This way you can rest assured we have no interest in fabricating issues. This is actually the preferred method for buyers, lenders, and consultants such as here in California.

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What is a Property Condition Assessment?

In a nutshell, the Property Condition Report is effectively a building inspection. This inspection encompasses any improvements including all systems of each building by a team of specialists within the confines of the property. Lenders, investors, or buyers will generally request this PCA during the due diligence procedure. Most Property Condition Assessments or PCA's, incorporate multiple different construction and real estate professionals to assist in the overall assessment of a building, or buildings. Typically, these properties are being sold. Of course, when it comes to the use of for Property Condition Assessments, the use of this tool is paramount. For example, the ability to see the "unseen" within wall cavities or roofs, This allows the buyer of these properties a completely different perspective. Additional due diligence if you will. Surprisingly, during these site assessments or condition evaluations, the use of when performing PCA's gives the buying party a much stronger insight as to the overall condition of this property or properties. At least through the prism of the infrared camera and operator. On the other hand, the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) much like the Property Condition Assessment (PCA), is also a building inspection or evaluation. Much like the PCA, the FCA is also carried out by specialists. Overall, the object behind the FCA is to essentially identify; The goal of the FCA is to identify:

  • Deferred maintenance
  • The total cost to replace damaged systems
  • Systemic damages
  • Repairs list
  • Whether the buildings original design intent is consistent with the original design

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Professional thermographers and Water Intrusion Experts

Los Angeles Infrared Thermography Inspection

The use of Thermography in Property Condition Assessments

The ASTM E2018-15 document is extremely comprehensive and exhaustive. Effectively, it outlines what is a PCA, who can conduct the PCA and procedure. Although it clearly describes the use of the ASTM 2018-15, it doesn't, however, include the use of thermography. then again, it doesn't exclude the use of thermography in the ASTM 2018-15 either. Nevertheless, many buyers, lenders, and consultants opt to use thermography with their assessment because well... thermography works.

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Level III Thermographer throughout California for PCA's

In the world of thermography, there are effectively three classifications of infrared camera operators. Here in Los Angeles, California, there are but only a handful of level II and level III infrared thermography operators. Owner and operator Marc Mazza, is a level III infrared operator located within Los Angeles county. In essence, the differences between Level III vs. the Level I or II thermographer is extraordinary. Mostly, it's with respect to the operator's ability to diagnose and rule out false positives. It's these false positives that muddy the waters of infrared. Of course, rendering the use of this technology useless. understand these complexities of false positives and can quickly dismiss or confirm such occurrences.

When it comes to providing accurate data by way of thermography Water Intrusion Specialists remains unmatched. Especially when considering its use for the use in Property Condition Assessments throughout California including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Protecting the client with Infrared Thermography

Protecting the client with Infrared Thermography We've used thermography for a very long time. In fact, for over 20 years we've provided throughout California including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We're considered to be experts in our field by many. That is the industry of forensic water intrusion investigation. Thermography for Property Condition Assessments is a must. Having an operator who understands the intricacies of thermography and how it helps in PCA's is essential. Knowing what I know about building systems and failure within these systems, I'd never buy any piece of property without first having it inspected with an infrared camera. I mean, the things you can find with a simple walk-around are remarkable. Not to mention, the ability to inform the other party of such deficiencies.

How does thermography help in the PCA?

Property Condition Assessments in the United States

How does thermography help in the PCA? Well, first off, the thermal imaging camera can detect many anomalies not seen by the human eye.

  • Water leaks in walls
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Roof leaks
  • Electrical hazards

During the walkthrough, we use the infrared camera to scan throughout the inside or exterior of the buildings. At this point, we're searching for anomalies. If we were to detect any anomalies during our scan, the consultant will generally hire an outside specialist to help diagnose and resolve the issue. For buyers, lenders, and consultants, the use of thermal imaging during the Property Condition Assessment is worth its weight in gold.