Moisture Intrusion Inspections

Moisture intrusion is one of the leading causes of problems in construction defects of the house.

Moisture Intrusion

Non destructive moisture leak detection.

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Electric Panel Inspections

Electric panel inspections are required by many insurance carriers…
We provide this service throughout Los Angeles

Electric panel inspections

Commercial and Residential Infrared electric panel inspections.

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Roofing Material Inspections

Nondestructive inspections can save on replacement costs by pinpointing leaks.


Commercial & Residential infrared roof inspections.

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Home In-Escrow Inspections

We have the ability to rule out moisture intrusion stains which may affect your purchase

In-Escrow Inspections

Have those stains inspected by a professional Los Angeles Thermographer

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We See Evertyhing Thermographically.


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Infrared Inspections in Los Angeles

The use of an infrared camera to detect moisture is nothing new. In fact, the use of thermography to detect issues such as moisture intrusion leaks, electrical issues and plumbing leaks has been in use for many years now.

Los Angeles is a large place. Not to mention, it's getting older. Therefore, with older systems comes new issues. Moreover, thermography or the use of an infrared camera to detect some of these issues mentioned such as water intrusion issues, is also non-destructive.  Effectively, this means you can locate water intrusion issues without having to damage the buildings interior finishes.

Locate water intrusion with an Infrared camera

As a water intrusion expert, I fully understand that the use of thermography is not the end-all. in fact, the use of thermography for leak detection and confirmation requires other tools as well. As much as many non-certified thermographers would like to think snapping a picture of a wall that appears wet is all you need, they are sadly mistaken.

Regardless of what the results are from any infrared water intrusion related scan, confirmation is needed.

How is this achieved? To begin with, one must understand the ASTM or AAMA standards of testing. Furthermore, specialized calibrated equipment is needed to locate, source and confirm the presence of moisture. It's not as simple as many think.

Water intrusion test equipment

What exactly does water intrusion test equipment look like? First and foremost, the test equipment used to detect water or moisture intrusion issues is not cheap. Nor is it easy to operate. Specialized training is needed to perform some of these tests used in conjunction with thermography to detect water intrusion related issues. 

Currently ion Los Angeles, we are only one of two companies with such water intrusion testing equipment. Likewise, we're only one of two who possess the knowledge to administer some of these AAMA and ASTM test procedures.

Infrared Cameras and Thermographers in Los Angeles

Not all infrared cameras or thermographers here in Los Angeles are equal. In fact, Most of the infrared cameras used by these operators are of a lower level quality than what should actually be used.  Furthermore, the operators or thermographers are mostly self-taught with no formal education.

On the other hand, we are level III thermographers. There are effectively three levels of certification to become a thermographer in Los Angeles. Level I, II and III thermographers in Los Angeles.

As a level III Thermographer, we understand the science behind the use of an infrared camera to detect moisture inside walls. Which again, is crucial here in Los Angeles due to the aging structures. To say nothing of ht exact that our equipment is state-of-the-art and of the highest caliber. Together, we are the clear choice for any of your infrared needs.