Structural Infrared Surveys

The building envelope, deepening on it’s makeup up is constructed of many different types of materials and systems. Off of these different systems react different with reaper too it’s ability to resist moisture as well as vent. The use of thermography within a structure can aid in managing costs associated with energy efficiency as well as diagnose where weak areas which allow loss, are within a given structure. Thermography can provide a detailed analysis of trouble area within a structure which if corrected may allow the owner of the structure to manage energy costs or, eliminate costly problem areas such as areas of moisture penetration.

Building Envelope

Building Leak Detection Company Los Angeles
With building codes changing here in California we can expect to see greater restrictions and thus, a tighter building envelope. It’s the use of the IR camera in a thorough analysis of a structure that Thermograpros provides, in both residential as well as commercial buildings. In residential Title 24 is the gold standard of energy efficiency. It is to this standard that buildings must comply with energy loss prevention of multiple types.

Moisture intrusion

Building Leak Detection Company Los Angeles
Moisture has the ability to enter a building from just about anywhere. We possess special equipment such as a calibrated spray rack system which we can use on multiple system such as roofs, curtain walls, fenestration for example to locate or troubleshoot leaks or vulnerable areas within a structure. Thermograpros is specially trained to use such calibrated testing equipment and implement under the ASTM E 547-00, E 331-00 and E1105 standards as an example, for use with curtain walls, windows, doors and skylights.