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Marc Mazza Level III Infrared Thermographer


Marc Mazza is a Level III infrared thermographer

Marc Mazza, owner / head inspector of the Mazza Inspection Group is a Level III thermographer in Los Angeles . This status is achieved through a costly, lengthy training and study process followed up by procedural studies and field tests and assignments.
Furthermore, the Level III status is achieved through deep dedication and a genuine desire to make the inspection process as intrusive as it can possibly get without destructive testing. Likewise, this is an essential component of an efficient and professional residential or commercial inspection.

Unlike many other Los Angeles Inspectors and thermographers, a camera does not a thermographer make. Meaning, you can buy an infrared camera but it doesn’t make you a Level III thermographer in Los Angeles.

Marc Mazza is a Level III infrared thermographer

Three things you need when considering An Infrared inspection

Can Infrared Thermography locate Mold?

Contrary to what many people believe, Thermography does not find mold. Others, think that because the use of this equipment can detect water intrusion, it can detect or otherwise locate mold. It cannot. Thermography, under the right conditions and in the hands of the right operator, can in fact find water, which leads to mold.

Will an Infrared camera see through walls?

No. Infrared thermography is just a tool like many others. This equipment can detect temperature differences. Combined with the knowledge of how thermography works, we can determine whether moisture is present.

Do you have to be a certified to use an infrared camera?

Most users of thermography are not at all certified. In fact, there are no requirements to be a thermographer. That said, we are professional thermographers which is to say we understand the science behind thermography. False positives are not an issue when we perform our evaluations.

Marc Mazza is a Level III infrared thermographer

Infrared Cameras Used by the Mazza Inspection Group can Identify Electrical Problems and Moisture Intrusion

Infrared thermography is the use of special equipment / cameras that take pictures that use colors to represent the various temperatures of a surface or object.
Essentially, these cameras, operated by qualified technicians are able to detect anomalies in electrical equipment and machinery.
Infrared cameras can also detect moisture and leaks. We use these state of the art infrared cameras and moisture meters at his inspections to identify potentially harmful or hazardous conditions not visible to the naked eye.

Marc Mazza is a Level III infrared thermographer

An Infrared Level III Thermographer can Find Problems that other Inspectors Cannot

The tools, skill and knowledge of a trained thermographer provide a definite advantage over those inspectors that do not use this specialized equipment or are not trained to use the equipment that they have. Houses and buildings have potentially unsafe situations in electrical panels, wiring outlets and other components within the system. Water intrusion can cause damage to the structure as well as the potential for mold which can become a health hazard if gone undetected.