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Roof Leaks in Santa Clarita

Roof Leak detection in Santa Clarita

Thermograpros performs Roof Leak detection in Santa Clarita. Proper roofing materials in good condition provides protection from the elements for the entire structure. Water is the biggest enemy of any structure or building materials. Damage, rot, mold and other types of issues can be created by the presence of water. Protect your home and yourself with the knowledge of the condition of your roof. We can provide an evaluation of the roof to try and locate leaks so that repairs or replacement can be made. Thermograpros will come equipped with a Level 3 thermographer and state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate the condition of the ceiling via infrared technology.

Who performs Roof Leak detection in Santa Clarita?

We possess the unique ability to evaluate a roof and its condition by experience. We are roofing contractors so roofs are what we do and roofing is what we know. As roofing contractors we’ve performed literally thousands of roof inspections and certifications so no matter what conditions your roof may possess, we’ve probably seen it ten times.

What methods do we use to perform Roof Leak detection in Santa Clarita?infrared roof inspections

Our roof inspection starts with the removal of roofing material if the roof is a solid hard surface like concrete tile. With other roofing types, its primarly a visual inspection. We perform a series of tests which may include a spray rack test which is a water test peformed with the use of a calibrated spray rack system. For the most part, this test is extremely effective in zeroing-in on most all types of water leaks.

Do we provide an estimate for repairs?

After your roof inspection, we will issue a cost of repair so you will know exactly what costs are involved in the roof repairs of your building.