Los Angeles Shower Pan Testing By A Professional

A shower pan is a water tight vessel constructed from wood to start, then lined with either tar and paper, an elastomeric coating and membrane system or lined with a vinyl membrane. All of which possess the ability to leak.  If you have a shower pan leak, or if you have moisture under the bathroom where a tiled shower enclosure is installed call us, don’t wait. We possess the equipment and knowledge to quickly isolate the area where moisture is thought to be located.

We possess the necessary shower pan leak detection tools

We have proprietary tools and methods of testing shower pans and include the use of custom in-house manufactured plugs to identify moisture. We use these plugs coupled with the use of an infrared camera to identify moisture that is not visible with the human eye within walls and other areas and after which, follow up our investigation of the affected area with a moisture metering device to prove the presence of moisture. Once moisture is identified and confirmed we provide a written report to document the condition for your contractor or insurance company which include suggestions for remediation are given which may include wholesale replacement if necessary.

Santa Clarita shower pan leak testing