Rent a Thermographer

As a business owner who requires the collection of necessary data for the manufacturing or testing of various projects, components or systems, purchasing infrared equipment and certifying to use the equipment may not be a financially viable option. Therefore, you can now Rent Thermographers. For many, renting a Level III certified operator to perform these short or long term tasks is an excellent option to such a large and permanent investment.

As level III certified operators, when coupled with the state-of-the-art camera, Flir T640, thermograpros has the unique ability to accommodate multiple different specific testing needs over the landscape of many different types of industries.

We have performed specific thermal sampling of systems, items and components in industries listed below:

  • Manufacturing
  • Machining
  • Roof Covering Development
  • Automotive industry R&D
  • Car Audio (speaker wire)
  • School Science Projects
  • Construction Industry (Fenestration, HVAC, roofing systems, Countertop Surface..)
  • Fenestration Product Test analysis

And Much More…

AC Adaptor Cord

Project Example 1: In this test example, thermograpros was contracted by this Texas based company to perform analysis on AC adapters during extended period of use while under load or use. The issue was overheating within the adapter plug during use.


Exercise bike R & D

Project Example 2: Thermograpros was contracted  to perform infrared analysis of various components of this stationary bicycle during use for irregularities during its R&D testing phase.


High School Lab

Project Example 3: Thermograpros works closely with high schools and universities  in California and surrounding states and assist them with various labs and experiments when the need for infrared thermography is necessary. The example below is a simple study at a Southern California high school of emissivity, effects of emissivity  and how to determine the emissivity of various objects


Electric Oven Heating Element

Project Example 4: Thermograpros was contracted by this Southern California manufacturer to analyze various electric oven heating elements for inconsistencies throughout their elements.


Wax Warmer

Project Example 5: This Los Angles based company contracted Thermograpros to conduct infrared analysis on various warmers used to warm wax for product safety and inconsistency specifically within the ceramic material during long extended periods of use (over 30 days).