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Roof Inspections With Thermal Imaging

Infrared roof inspections for flat roofs and low slope roofs can provide information, in a nondestructive manner, that can save replacement costs by pinpointing leaks. With this technology, technicians can find wet insulation and building owners can repair damaged areas rather than replacing the entire roof. Costly and even disastrous conditions can be brought about from an undetected roof leak that continues to worsen over time. Preventive maintenance for these types of roofs can also be accomplished through the use of thermal images taken on a regular basis to monitor the condition.

Los Angeles Roof inspectionsThermograpros of Los Angeles performs roof inspections on many types of roof systems. With flat roofs moisture which enters the roofs membrane is trapped. Once the moisture is trapped within the insulation, it can be subject to solar loading which is essentially the “heating-up” of the moisture saturated insulation. Once the sun goes down and the roofs surface cools down it creates a noticeable differential between the moisture which is trapped within the roofs membrane within the insulation, and the roofs cooler outer surface. The wet insulation will show up in your thermal imager as a noticeably cooler condition.





IR001443Thermograpros inspects over two million square feet of flat roof a year so we understand the methods, the material and the protocol when it comes to roof inspections. Once we locate moisture within the roofing material we then test the area with a special moisture metering device designed especially for roofs such as this and mark the area so a qualified roofing contractor can provide additional testing such as core sampling.

We have the ability to inspection other roofing systems, however, many of those systems require the use of another device which is called a spray rack. It’s a device which we place in sections of the roof in order to “map” the moisture within the roof system. Thermograpros is the leader in thermal imaging roofing inspections.





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