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Industrial Mechanical

Mechanical Failure and Prevention With Infrared

With many facilities, the machinery is at the heart of production. Unplanned interruption or down-time caused by failure within these mechanical systems can interrupt production, cause employees to become idle and cause damage throughout the facility. Fortunately, however, the use of infrared preventive maintenance and with a robust preventive maintenance program much of this can be easily avoided.

Heat is an extremely damage condition. Heat is generated in machinery as mechanical equipment operates. Friction is the result of this operation and can be seen in mis alignment, due to excessive forces for example.  With a condition monitoring program, we can detect issues such as friction, mis alignment,  refractory damage, pipe leaks even underground, heat, boiler and stem equipment failures before they become a liability.

Motors and Bearings

With motors and bearings friction, poor lubrication and mis alignment are the number one causes or premature failure. Infrared inspections can detect issues such as these long before they have an opportunity to damage equipment thereby shutting down productivity. Motor mis alignment causes friction as well. Especially in pillow block and coupled systems. We find that the maintenance personnel are typically amazed to learn that mis alignment even in the slightest amount can cause friction that is capable of significant damage.


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