Moisture Intrusion Investigation

Moisture Intrusion Investigation Los Angeles

Moisture intrusion is one of the leading causes of construction damage in residential construction. Infrared thermography allows nondestructive testing to locate moisture presence in building structures.

Not only is water entering the building difficult to track, moisture intrusion comes into the building from multiple different locations. The roof, soil, windows you name it. We possess the ability to test just about any component within the buildings envelope.

No only is the use of thermography one of the best tools we possess in verifying moisture intrusion, it’s essential. Once this moisture is located, then our investigators are able to further find the level of moisture and then figure out the cause of the moisture.

los angeles thermography
Water intrusion observed here

We are professional moisture intrusion experts. Testing a whole range of components and systems within a building. For the purpose of simplicity, our testing methods are not just a water hose and an infrared camera. On the contrary, we possess state of the art equipment. For example, the infrared camera of choice is a Flir T640 and our moisture meter of choice is also a Flir.  

In the event that specific AAMA or ASTM fenestration testing is necessary, we possess the equipment necessary to provide such tests. Our calibrated spray rack equipment by Rainmaker will facilitate such tests.

Roof moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles

First thing to remember about roof leaks is that they can start at one location of the roof, and end up exiting at another end of the roof. That said, it takes a trained professional to know exactly where and how to diagnose a roof properly. Roofing materials come in many different types and because of this, different roof inspection tactics are necessary.

Los Angeles based roof inspections and certifications

Not only do we provide state of the art roof inspections, we also provide roofing certifications as well.  Indeed, there are times when a roofing inspection and certifications are necessary. These times may include the time in which as home is in escrow for example. Our certifications are a warranty of our workmanship and a guarantee that no future leaking will take place.