Electric Panel Infrared Inspections

Electric Panel Infrared Inspection Los Angels

Many insurance providers in California require electric service panel infrared inspections to be performed by Marc Mazza, a professional Level III thermographer prior to the renewal of an insurance policy. Thermograpros provides electric panel infrared inspection services for businesses which require these specific inspections. Our inspection will encompass all service panels within a building or buildings and accompanied with a written report reflecting the findings of this inspection.

Thermograpros understands the inherent hazards associated with opening serve panels due to the potential for electrocution or arch flash which is why we require a live work permit in accordance with NFPA 70E. This permit describes the work which is to be performed and the reasoning that it must be performed live. Any live work has to first, be authorized by the owner, project manager, engineers, or by any other person in charge. We will always assess to project in order to determine what Flash Protection is necessary for (FPB) flash boundaries. The typical FPB for systems which operate at 600v is forty eight (48) inches. The person who works closer than 48 inches to live parts must be qualified and must be wearing necessary (PPE) personal protective clothing as well as (FR) flame-resistant attire. Personal protective clothing which is designed for arc-flash and or protection against an arch-blast isn’t however, protection against electric shock hazards.  The NFPA 70E has in its document many tables which can aid electrical employees to select the correct PPE to wear, which is primarily based on the job or task in which they are performing in a live condition

Level III Thermographer and Operator

Marc Mazza is a Level III operator, employed by many insurance agencies throughout Los Angels county to perform electric panel infrared inspections or surveys. With thousands of electric panel infrared scans performed, Thermograpros understands the protocol which insurance companies require for electric panel infrared inspections . Allow thermograpros Infrared inspection company of Los Angels to fulfill your electric panel surveys. We possess the experience to deal directly with your insurance carrier if necessary.

electric panel infrared inspections

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