Our Infrared Equipment

Experience is just as important as camera quality. The use of an infrared camera requires specialized training, not just on the use of the camera but how to analyze the infrared image based on the temperatures and ambient conditions existing at the time a thermograph is taken to identify building defects.
There are many different cameras available for both the novice users all the way to experienced level III thermographers today. What sets the equipment apart, however, is It’s ability to deliver high resolution images for our clients. All of our infrared cameras exceed the minimum industry standard of ± 2% (or 3.6°F) accuracy.
Typically the quality of the thermal image and its measurement data are always determined by the detector resolution and not the screen resolution. A higher resolution camera will not only provide the client with a more accurate thermogram based on conditions, it is likewise equally effective in displaying a finer detailed thermogram which will help our clients to actually see more clearly the issues or conditions present and therefore accelerate the decision timeframe in which to make improvements as needed.

Our Camera

Infrared cameras can be purchased over the counter from such places as The Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon. The price for an infrared camera varies greatly and much goes into determining the price of the camera. The cost of the camera will usually dictate the quality in both the camera and the image. One can purchase a camera from The Home Depot for example, for roughly $250. In contrast, however, a decent mid-level cameras costs around $40,000. Choosing an operator that possess a lower end camera will get you just that, a lower end image. This low quality image is detrimental in displaying issues within the component, subject or system being inspected.



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