Experience, for most users of an infrared camera can be narrowed down to two categories, learn as you go by pointing and clicking without any formal education and attending a certification course. Operators without a formal education or certification is the most common manner by which most users or operators gain their hands on field experience, such as for example, the home inspection industry. The problem with this type of experience is that without having a familiarity in all types of conditions one may encounter as a thermographer, he / she may not recognize a hazard or otherwise negative condition when its discovered.

thermograpros Los Angeles infrared experiencedWe at Thermograpros on the other hand,  gained our foundational experience by performing inspections with some of the most experienced thermographers in the industry early on, and our level III educational experience from a professional provider. Over the years and with the introduction of more specialized and technical equipment we have been able to reach into fields of thermography that others simply cannot. Having worked in some of these industry specific fields we are able to see issues and conditions that others simply never do just about daily.

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