Infrared services for Contractors

Thermal imaging can also provide a contractor with a scope of repairs for multiple types of improvement projects or repairs such as energy efficiency projects or use it to detect moisture intrusion or electrical problems that are difficult to locate with other types of investigational tools or with destructive testing. Once your work has been completed, you can use Thermal imaging can offer documented evidence that your work has been completed properly on a project or repair.Contractors benefit from thermal imaging

Contractors of all types can benefit from the use of thermal imaging in troubleshooting issues without having to damage surfaces. Marc Mazza, a Level III operator has conducted many thousands of scans and as a general contractor understands the building envelope as well as the multitude of different components and systems which make up a building.

Use infrared imaging to verify different types of construction projects:

  • Window replacement / new installation
  • Door replacement / new installation
  • Insulation improvements
  • Skylight installation / replacement
  • Ductwork improvements
  • Electrical issues and repairs confirmed
  • Second opinion for your client

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